Intraday Tips for Trading NSE Stock Share Market

Free Intraday Tips for NSE Equity Market

Folks - This is not any intraday tips trading company or stock advisory. I am a single person who is operating this intraday tips service out of my 12 years intraday trading experience in NSE markets.

Just like many other intraday stock traders, I too had dreams to make money out of stock market, and after going through lots of ups and downs, I finally managed to crack intraday trading and started making money consistently. I dont claim to make money everyday using my intraday tips, but I have managed to always end either in no loss no profit or good profits month after month.

My only goal is to share with you the same intraday tips that I personally use to trade and make money. I have gone through many pains of losing money, trying 100's of technical indicators and stock market strategies, before I reached here.

1. I cannot make profits everyday in the market.
2. To be profitable with my trading strategy, you MUST trade ALL the intraday tips.
3. I trade at a risk of rs.1000 per trade, which means I will lose rs.1000 if stoploss is hit. You first decide your risk taking capacity per trade, and then adjust stock quantity accordingly.
  • For example, if can afford rs.500 loss per trade, then ALWAYS trade with 50% quantity of shares we specify in the stock tip.
  • If you risk capacity is rs.100 per trade, then buy/sell 1/10th of the stock quantity.
  • If you are willing to risk rs.2000 per trade then trade with double the quantity we specify. Your intraday profit will also be double or adjusted accordingly.
  • Keep this rule fixed for for minimum 5-6 months to see good results. This is money management.

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