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Folks - Just like many other intraday stock traders, I too had dreams to make money out of stock market in intraday trading, and after going through lots of ups and downs finally managed to crack intraday trading and started making money consistently. However, I don't claim to make money everyday using my intraday tips. I have been into stock market since last 12 years now.

My only goal is to share with you the same intraday tips that I personally use to trade and make money. I have gone through many pains of losing money, trying 100's of technical indicators and stock market strategies before I became a full time day trader. And understand that I earn handsome, but I am not super rich because I don't risk all my money and as already said I cannot make profits every day. Plus I am cautious as this is my only source of income.


Rule 0. I trade 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 stocks each day. This cannot be changed Do not ask questions about this and I do NOT make profit everyday in intraday trading. I have a team of people who trade for me because there are too many trades in one day and I have to monitor strategy rules as well. I can also trade on your behalf if you find it difficult to trade alone, but it will be a chargeable service. Email me for details.

Rule 1. To be profitable with my trading strategy, you MUST trade ALL the tips and stick to quantity rule stated in rule 2 below.

Rule 2. I trade at a risk of rs.1000 per trade EVERYDAY, which means I will lose rs.1000 if stoploss is hit per day. You first decide your risk taking capacity per trade, and then adjust stock quantity accordingly and USE THE SAME RULE FOR 4 5 MONTHS.
  • For example, if you can afford rs.500 loss per trade, then ALWAYS trade with 50% of the quantity of shares I specify in the stock tip.
  • If your risk capacity is of rs.100 loss per trade, then buy or sell 1/10th of the stock quantity.
  • If you are willing to risk rs.2000 per trade then trade with double the quantity I specify. Your intraday profit will also be double or adjusted accordingly.
  • Keep this quantity rule fixed for minimum 5-6 months to see good results. This is intraday money management.
  • To help you understand better, I have uploaded the results of 2012 and 2013 where you can see that some months are in loss and months are in profit, some days are in profit and some days are in loss. But at the end of 2 years, I am sitting on a profit of more than 9 lakhs that too after brokerage and charges. Click here to see the report for 2012 and 2013
If you cannot follow my above rules listed above then please stay away from this website and you are also soon going to wipe out your account.

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